Fotovisura Grant For Outstanding Photography Project

2015 fotovisura Grant
For Outstanding Photography Project
Recognizing photographers for their images, stories and dedication as well as the extent that he or she is willing to go to bring about positive change in society. The fotovisura Grant supports personal projects and encourages the production and development of photography outside of the commercial realm.
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May 10, 2015 (11:59pm, EST)


Eligible for unpublished projects not initiated by an assignment or commission.

  • • The Grant is open to active members with Plus, Prime, and Guild accounts; Standard members can submit if their last renewal was after Nov. 2014. Your Plus, Prime or GUILD memberships must be active through January 2016
  • • New members can sign-up here.
  • • All submissions are made via a “Project” on your FotoVisura Profile
    (Maximum 35 images)
  • • Submit an ongoing or recently completed long term personal project
  • • Your personal project can be ongoing or recently completed
    (within the past 12 months)
  • • Image size: minimum 1600px on the longest dimension
    (22.5 inches @ 72 dpi, JPG format)
  • • Include a written reflection, in first person, of at least 150 words in your Project’s text explaining what the project is about and why it is personal to you.
  • • Submit one Project per photographer
  • • Submit a published or a private project via your FV-Profile

The Grant

• $2,000 awarded to the winning photographer
Grant Exhibition invitation awarded to a selection of top finalists

2015 Judges

  • Elizabeth Griffin
    Photo Editor and Strategic Visual Content Editor
    Esquire & Hearst Digital Media

  • Grey Hutton
    Photo Editor
    Vice Magazine (Germany)

  • Judy Walgren
    Director of Photography
    San Francisco Chronicle

  • Lindsay Blatt
    Photo Editor
    The New York Times

  • MaryAnne Golon
    Director of Photography, Ast. Managing Editor
    The Washington Post

  • Sebastian Liste
    Noor Images

  • Simon Barnett
    Director of Photography
    CNN Digital