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fotovisura's mission is to further your work and career. fotovisura offers photographers hosted website services connected to our professional networking platform. Additional resources include a photographer's archive, industry index, photography grants, workshops, residencies, exhibition opportunities, job listings and a news feed to promote your work.

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fotovisura connects industry professionals to new work and talent through GUILD. We offer an invitation-only networking platform with access to our photographers' archive, advanced search engine, industry index, job listings and a news feed to promote your brand. We also offer hosted website services for editors.

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Participating Industry Leaders
Amber Terranova, Photo Editor, PDN Magazine
Amy Wolff, Photo Editor (PDN30), Photo District News
Angelika Hala, Photo Editor, Stern Magazine
Ariel Shanberg, Center for Photography at Woodstock
Caroline Smith, Photography Director, Marie Claire Magazine
Christina Cahill, Manager, Reportage by Getty Images
Claire O'Neill, Editor, NPR Picture Show Blog
Clara de Tezanos, Co-founder and Director, La Fototeca & GuatePhoto
Denise Wolff, Senior Photobook Editor, Aperture
Elizabeth Avedon, Curator & Editor
Elizabeth Cheng Krist, Senior Photo Editor, National Geographic Magazine
Emily Keegin, Deputy Photo Editor at Bloomberg Businessweek Magazine
Emma Raynes, Program Director, Magnum Foundation's Emergency Fund
James Estrin, Co-Editor of the NY Times Lens Blog
Henry Horenstein, Photographer, Author, RISD Professor of Photography
Jamie Goldenberg, Former Photo Editor, Bloomberg Businessweek Magazine
Larry Fink, Photographer, BARD Professor of Photography
Lauren Heinz, Editor, Foto 8 and 8 Magazine
Manik Katya, Photo Editor, Emaho Magazine
MaryAnne Golon, Director of photography, Ast. Managing Editor, Washington Post
Michael Itkoff, Cofounder, Daylight Books
Mirjam Evers, Executive Producer, Eddie Adams Workshop
Nathalie Herschdorfer, Curator & Historian
Neil Harris, former Photo Editor, TIME Magazine
Niko Koppel, Photo Editors, The New York Times
Patricia Nagy Travieso, Executive Editor, Elle Magazine International Editions
Patrick Witty, International Picture Editor, Time
Sam Barzilay, Creative Dir., United Photo Industries & Photoville
Sara Terry, Founder, The Aftermath Project, Guggenheim Fellow
Simon Barnett, Director of Photography, CNN Digital
Whitney Johnson, Director of Photography, The New Yorker
William A. Ewing, Director of Curatorial Projects for Thames & Hudson

Albertina D’Urso (Italy)
In 2011, I became a member of and self-published my personal project “From Dust to God” to my FV-profile. A few days later, the project was selected for Visura Magazine’s “Your View”. Then, one of the images was selected as FotoVisura’s “Photo of the day”, which was spotted by Brett Roegiers, photo editor at CNNPhotos, who then published the complete project a few months later, right before the Navratri Festival.

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Alexandros Demetriades (Cyprus) I became a member on in 2011. As an emerging photographer, any exposure is good exposure; so, I decided to take the plunge. To be honest, I liked the look and ease on which one could upload one’s pictures; the platform has a clean interface and a very tactile feel to the way one can manage his/her portfolios. However, what makes the difference at FV is not the back end, or the front end—but the way it’s run by its curators. It immediately felt attentive, helpful and there is a personal touch in everything they do. Adriana, one of the site’s curators and co-founders is one of the reasons why FV is so special. She really cares and not only does it show but that’s what makes the whole difference. Last year, I was invited to show my work on Visura Magazine’s Spotlight section curated by co-founder, Graham Letorney. This year, I was spotted by the the New York Times Lens Blog through to feature my work. Who knows what my future holds but all I can say is, thanks guys for getting me this far!

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Annabel Clark (USA) After having my work published in Visura Magazine, I became a member of FotoVisura in order to submit a new project for the 2011 FotoVisura grant. I was surprised and delighted to receive second place for my project “Carmen and Lupita”. Soon after, the project was featured on the New York Times Lens Blog, which led to getting the story published in several international magazines. In the summer of 2012, Adriana and Graham invited me to the Visura Lodge Artist Residency, where I spent a week editing and shaping my project with their guidance, and had an invaluable 3 hour editing session with Denise Wolff from Aperture Foundation. Adriana and Graham provide endless opportunities beyond the FotoVisura website, from exhibitions and events to consultations and portfolio reviews with top editors in the field. I am grateful to be a part of this exciting community that continues to grow.

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Erin Trieb (USA) 2011 FotoVisura Grant Winner Receiving the 2011 FotoVisura Grant was one of the highlights of my year. Grant directors Adriana Teresa and Graham Letorney have immersed themselves in the future of my project by providing various outlets for my work, including several gallery exhibitions like at NYC’s United Photo Industries, PhotoVille, and an exhibition at Third Floor Gallery in England; the opportunity to speak at Powerhouse Arena during New York Photo Festival; and an invitation to The Visura Lodge Artist Residency in Stowe, Vermont. The press from the grant led to further attention from editors, publications, and other organizations, but what I have found most meaningful is that Adriana and Graham believe in my project and have invested heavily in its development, which is a unique and wonderful thing. They really care about supporting photographers, the importance of their work, and seeing that work come to fruition.

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Ilaria Di Biagio (Italy) “In 2011, I became a member of, where I self-published my personal project “A story of fragility” to my FV-Profile. In May 2012, an image from this project was selected as Photo of the Day. The image was seen by Brett Roegiers, photo editor of the CNNPhotos blog, who contacted me to feature the complete project in CNNPhotos blog, along with an interview. Later on, one of my photo’s was highlighted on a story celebrating CNNPhotos blog’s one-year anniversary. That same year, a selection of my work was featured in the FotoVisura’s Women in Photography projection at the inaugural PhotoVille Festival.”

Being an emerging photographer in Italy is not easy, and it is thanks to platforms like FotoVisura that my work has been seen by a broader audience, including editors and curators around the world—an exposure that has led to new opportunities.”

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Justin Maxon (USA), 2010 FotoVisura Grant Winner
Receiving the FotoVisura grant has been like being adopted into a supportive family, all there to nurture and encourage my growth. The grant is one of the only in this industry that is really concerned with the development of the recipient. While most other awards are designed as financially supportive boosts, the FotoVisura grant has longevity. Almost two years after receiving it, I am still benefiting from all the angles of support. Adriana Teresa, and the rest of the family at FotoVisura, has crafted a thoughtful and comprehensive platform that includes every possibility of advancing a career forward: from various exhibiting, publishing, teaching, editing, and lecturing opportunities. The FotoVisura team has gone out of their way to help me realize my dreams like only an encouraging family can do.

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Katie Orlinsky (USA), 2011 Artist In Residency I joined as a member in 2011, in order to apply for the FotoVisura Grant, and quickly discovered how useful it was for me as a freelance photographer, using it to elegantly pitch new projects to editors, share work with colleagues and receive feedback and support. Later that summer, I was welcomed into the Vermont home of Adriana Teresa and Graham Letorney as a FotoVisura artist in residency. I am forever grateful for the kindness, mentorship and support they gave me during this period of time. I showed up in Vermont overwhelmed with hard drives of unedited work. Adriana helped me clarify my vision, working with me to edit and sequence years of work on the Mexican Drug War, in time to apply for the 2011 POYI Emerging Vision Award, which I was fortunate enough to receive. The winning project, “Innocence Assassinated“, is my most important body of work to date, and it came together with the help of my time spent at the FotoVisura residency.

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Kerry Mansfield (USA) Both Adriana and Graham were ahead of the curve when it came to creating such an amazing platform for fine art photographers to not only share their work with each other but also with the rest of the world. Many other sites have followed since but FotoVisura is still the leader in its class and the level of work shown is a testament to that fact. The fine art photography world can be a very insular and difficult community for most photographic artists to engage in but FotoVisura is about creating the opposite type of atmosphere that engenders cooperation, positive feedback and exposure to new visual ideas and ways of communication. As someone who has worked closely with Adriana for a couple of years around my different projects, I can truly say that I’m proud and honored to have my work featured on FotoVisura and beyond grateful that CNN found my series “Aftermath” on the site. Days later CNN put my half-naked breast cancer images on their website for the world to see. It’s the largest platform that my work has been released on and the outpouring of kindness and thoughtful words are still resonating weeks after the posting on CNN. My deepest thanks goes to Foto Visura’s founding members and the network of artists, critics, gallery owners, publishers and more that have the opportunity to discover new work and new ideas.

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Leeor Kaufman (Israel) I recently joined the community. The FV staff personally helped me understand the potential opportunities offered by FV, helped me in making my profile and albums look at their best and achieve a great out reach. In a very short while, I was contacted by editors and art directors world wide, including NPR photo editors, who published an article about my work. I am happy that such a great and sincere initiative exists in order to help photographers create a vibrant, supportive and productive environment, and honored to be part of this community.

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Mikel Aristregi Prieto (Spain) I joined FotoVisura in late 2012. I did it just because I wanted to aim for the grant. A month later The New York Times LENS Blog contacted me saying that they had seen the project on my FV-profile and that they wanted to run it on their webpage. I was really surprised by the short time it had taken for the piece to arrive to such an important media outlet. Otherwise, it would have been impossible. That day I received over 4,000 visits to my profile which helped the viewers get to know the other projects I have done.

Now I realize that becoming a FotoVisura member is a big deal, not just because of the grant, but for being the bridge to show my work to the best editors in the world.

Freelance photographers should not let this unique opportunity pass. It is a great project lead by two mad-romantic people that really know photography and simply are wonderful, accessible and willing to help any time.

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Sebastian Liste (Spain) In October 2010, I participated in the FotoVisura Portfolio Review & Consultation. Afterwards, I joined the FotoVisura community. Immediately, I realized the opportunity this platform means for young photographers like me. During the summer of 2011, I was invited to the FotoVisura Artist Residence in Vermont. Adriana and Graham opened the doors of their house in the middle of the forest in Vermont and during these days I felt at home. Since I was a kid my mom always said to me: “Do everything with love”, and that is what I found there: unconditional love and passion for photography. So then, they became more than editors; they became part of my family.

I arrived to Vermont exhausted from my last trip to Brazil with hard drives full of images and a lot disconnected ideas about my project. During those ten days, Adriana and Graham helped clarify my ideas and they edited my personal project. It was during those days, that my project “Urban Quilombo” was finally alive. The body of work we created there won the 2012 Remi Ochlick Award and the 2012 POYi Community Awareness Award. In addition, the way they helped me conceptualize my photographic work and develop my ideas allowed me receive financial support to continue my work in Brazil with grants from the Magnum Foundation and The Getty Editorial Grant. Today, they are one of my few confidants about my ongoing projects. The most important thing for me is the fact that they really take care about what they do: they love what they do, and this attitude is a rare gem in this universe.

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